The Sheppod was designed with the environment in mind.


The Sheppod is constructed using timber from well managed forests making it a renewable and naturally sustainable resource. The Sheppod then acts as a carbon sink locking away carbon scrubbed from the atmosphere by the trees used to construct it.

The Sheppod does not rely on concrete or other water based construction materials that lock up our invaluable water resource. We also have kept the amount of quarried materials to a minimum, reducing the damage they do to the natural landscape. 

Sheppods are transportable buildings meaning that they can be removed from any site to allow it to return to its natural state.

In the long term we have considered what will happen to a Sheppod at the end of its life. Whilst this won't be until the distant future we have made sure that we incorporate as many recyclable materials as possible, such as glass or metal, in the Sheppod. 

All this makes the Sheppod a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.